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Say Daddy; A Mafia Billionaire Romance 

Clearing my throat, I churn up my best ‘couldn’t care less’ voice and flip my hair over my shoulder. “Two things.”

A cocky smirk stretches over his face. Raising one dark brow, he says, “Yes?”

I put my hands on my hips and steel my gaze. “Number one. Let me make this very, very clear. This is a one-night thing. After tonight, we go back to being friends and co-workers, like this never ever happened. No more flirting with me at work. No more inviting me back to your apartment. I will not come back here after tonight.”

He gives me a look of disdain. “How fun. What a way to set the mood. And number two?”

The second point I have to make is the harder one to say. Swallowing hard, I press forward with my speech. “I am here because I want your body. Not because I want to call you Daddy. If I have to play your game to get what I want, then I will. But know this—it’s only a little bedroom game to me. Nothing more.”

As I say the words, I feel an intense tugging in my heart. Unnamed desires well in my core, calling me out, daring me to be brave enough to give in to them. I push them down, letting the shreds of my dignity hold tight to my lie.

He gives me a stern look. “You done, little girl?”

His gaze sends a tremble through me. Faking total confidence, I cross my arms over my chest, tilt my chin, and sniff. “Yes.”

He takes a step toward me. “My two things. Number one, I told you if you came back here, I was going to spank your ass. Hard.”

Holy shit. My ass cheeks clench, remembering his promise.

Did I make the right choice? My mind is screaming ‘run.’ My pussy is saying other things, dampening my panties as I press my thighs together. I say nothing.

He takes another step toward me. “Number two. Afterwards, you’re going to touch yourself until you come. And I’m going to watch.”

My heart is thumping in my chest, the blood whooshing in my ears. My tongue feels thick and I have no idea how to respond. I manage to get out, “What? I—”

But my words of protest are cut off by his predatory stalking toward me. I take a few steps back, putting my hands in front of me as if to keep him away.

Two more strides and he’s over to me. “One more thing—you’re going to love calling me Daddy.”


Daddy; A Mafia Billionaire Romance 

I make a snap decision—I’ll run for it. Then, I’ll save myself from being spanked, and he can go on with his evening and be rid of me.

But how to get out of his grip? Kick him? I look over his muscled body. The thick material of his suit can’t hide the bulge of his biceps. I doubt he’d even feel it if I tried to punch him, it would probably be a tickle to him.

There must be other tactics I can use. Womanly wiles are out since silly drunk girls are obviously not his type. But maybe acting. Create a distraction, then escape.

Theater has never let me down. Nerves dance in my belly as I prepare to carry out my plan. Pasting a horrified look on my face, I raise my arm in the air and shout, “Oh my gosh, look over there! Someone’s in trouble!”

He stops dead in his tracks. Dropping his grasp of my arm, his body instantly tenses, preparing for danger.

Without a backwards glance, I sprint down the hall, towards the red lights of the emergency exit. I’m almost there! My hand reaches out towards the silver handle, and—two big arms wrap around me, stopping my momentum and pulling me backwards.

My arms are flail as I cry out, “Let me go!”

Eli holds me against him, his chest pressing against my back. His mouth is by my ear, his breath hot against my cheek. “Going somewhere, little girl?”

My heart beats hard against my ribcage. A thrill of danger runs through me there’s a pulsing between my legs, a reaction to his rough embrace. The feel of his body against mine weakens my resolve but I still put up a fight. “I’ll never agree to this!”

“I’ve told you—you already agreed when you said we’d do things my way.” With that, he props his right foot up on a nearby discarded storage crate and flips me over his thigh. He gives my ass a hard smack.

The pain surprises me. I struggle in his grasp. “That hurt!”

His arm tightens around my waist. “It’s going to hurt more.” 

I groan with despair, “Are you sure this is necessary? It was only a little partying.”

“I don’t think you understand the severity of the situation. Maybe you’ll get a better grasp of how inappropriate your behavior is if we pull up this dress.” His hand tugs at the hem of my dress, pulling the silky material up and over my bottom. 

Anyone could walk down this hall. The thought of someone seeing me like this—its horrifying. Shame covers me like a blanket. “Please don’t!”

“Don’t what?” He asks.

I don’t think I’ll survive the humiliation of someone seeing my bottom. “Please don’t pull my dress up. Someone could see.”

“Good. They’ll tell the Bachman’s you’ve been dealt with and it will spare your father being the one who is reprimanded.” He continues lifting the dress.

I’m exposed. The cool air caresses my panty clad bottom. I squeeze my eyes shut tight as if I can block out what’s happening. Sucking air between my clenched teeth, I hiss, “I can’t believe you’re doing this to me!”

“Would you rather I retrieve Rockland to punish you?”

The image of the huge angry looking man pops into my mind. His massive hands spanking my bottom, hard. Fear dashes through my heart. “No, thank you!”

My dress is now bunched up around my waist. He’s running his hand over my sheer pink panties, caressing the spot he’s spanked. “Such a cute bottom”

Shocked by his words, there’s tingling between my legs. There’s no time to enjoy it because now his hand is coming down hard and fast. One smack to the center of the right cheek, then one to the center of the left. Pain covers my bottom, a stinging smarting that’s hurting my curves as well as my pride. 

He’s chastising me as he spanks. “You were mistaken, thinking you could hold your own, drinking with grown ladies. You’re still a little girl in need of watching and correcting. All dressed up at a fancy party only to find your panties being pulled down for a spanking.”

The pain is instantly forgotten as I feel his fingers creep to the elastic waist band of my panties. The material is thin, not giving me any protection from his smarting hand, but they are at least protecting the one ounce of dignity I have left. “No, no, no. You can’t. You just can’t! Please don’t pull my panties down, I’m begging you. It’s too humiliating.”

His fingers hold steady for a moment, not moving. 

Maybe he’s changed his mind. Hope fills my heart. But then with one, quick tug, he’s got my panties pulled down, rolled around the tops of my thighs. I moan in shame as I feel his gaze on the very naked cheeks of my punished bottom.

“Nice and pink. But let’s see if we can get a pretty cherry red.”

His hand comes down on my bare bottom and I realize the panties were offering more protection than I thought. The sting from his flat palm against the bare skin of my bottom is unbearable as his hand comes down over and over. 

Soon I’m begging, pleading, and promising. “Please, don’t spank me anymore! I’ve learned my lesson. I’ll be a good girl. No more drinking, I promise!”

His hand pauses, I sense it hovering over me, ready to strike. “And you’ll mind your manners at the next family function?”

The words slip from my mouth before I can stop them. “Yes, Daddy!” 

My heart stops in my chest as I realize my mistake. 

It can’t be. 

Say that this is a bad dream and that I did not just call Eli Tatum, Daddy, while he spanks my bare ass. 

Laying limp over his lap, I cringe waiting for his terrible reaction to my insane mistake.

But instead of him laughing at me, I find he offers a different reaction. I swear I feel the stirrings of an erection pressing into my hip. I’m bent over his hard thigh, locked against his groin. I can’t be imagining the sudden hardness. 

His voice is thick as he growls, “Good girl.”

Relief washes over me as he slips my panties up over my bottom and pulls my dress back down into place. He rights me up but there’s no way I will ever be able to look him in the eyes again.

I stand, my hands hovering at my hips, wanting to rub my sore ass, but resisting, guessing that would be a mistake. I can’t talk to him. I can’t look at him. I want a big black hole to form in the ground beneath me and swallow me whole. 

The silly word repeats in my mind, over and over; Daddy, Daddy, Daddy.

I long to avoid his gaze but his fingertip is beneath my chin, tilting my face up towards his. “Look at me.”

Despite my shame, I obey. His eyes are as dark as a midnight sky and I’m lost in their depths. He leans down, and his lips meet mine in the softest, gentlest of kisses.

My first kiss.

© 2017 by Shanna Handel