Tamed By Her Cowboy Shanna Handel Ecover


I'll tame that wild city girl. Rein her in. Make her mine. 

She was my first love. 
We fell apart. Went our separate ways.
But some things never change; I'm still the only cowboy man enough to tame a girl like her.

The moment my little tornado blows back into our small town, she'll learn this time... it's on my terms. 

She's as beautiful as ever. 
Headstrong and reckless. 
She'll find herself over my knee. 
In my bed. 

Second chances are hard to come by--will this one lead to our forever?

consequences cover.jpg


My ship. My rules.

Break those rules? Face the consequences.
Harsh consequences.

When an important member of my staff gets caught up in personal drama and disregards my instructions, it's my job to get her mind back on work. I know just the way to accomplish that...

Take her over my knee. Bare her bottom. And give her a good, hard spanking.

If she does it again, it'll be a taste of my belt.

There's only one problem...

Every time I punish her, I come closer to breaking the one and only rule I have for myself.

Never fall in love.

© 2017 by Shanna Handel